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Director of the LMAP

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Laboratory of Mathematics and its Applications of PAU - UMR CNRS 5142 Welcome

The Laboratory of Mathematics and its Applications of Pau is part of the CNRS and of the University of Pau and Adour Region. It is a member of the IPRA Federation FR 2952 and of the Institute Carnot-isifor.

Furthermore, the LMAP is associated with INRIA via 2 common teams, namely «Makutu» and «Cagire».


Main research areas

  • Probability and Statistics
    • Stochastic modeling, probability,
    • Data analysis, statistical inference.
  • Algebra and Geometry
    • Algebraic geometry of projective space and low dimensional topology.
  • Partial differential equations analysis
    • Non linear partial differential equations and optimization.
  • Analysis and Numerical Simulation
    • Fluid mechanics, porous media, waves and turbulence,
    • Discretization methods for partial differential equations,
    • Approximation, moving mesh, High Performance


Areas of Expertise

  • Petroleum engineering and reservoir simulation
  • Aerothermodynamics (combustion and cooling)
  • Hydrodynamics and pollutant transportation
  • Reliability and safety in industry
  • Sampling design and quality control
  • Data analysis and statistical methods for decision making
  • Environment and biology


Brochure of the LMAP

Research (pdf - 5,42 Mo)