Director of the LMAP



Administrative et Financial Manager



Laboratory of Mathematics and its Applications of PAU UMR CNRS 5142Welcome


The Laboratory of Mathematics and its Applications of Pau is part of the CNRS and of the University of Pau and Adour Region. It is a member of the IPRA Federation FR 2952 and of the Institute Carnot-isifor.

Furthermore, the LMAP is associated with INRIA via 2 common teams, namely «Magique3D» and «Cagire».


Main research areas

  • Probability and Statistics
    • Stochastic modeling, probability,
    • Data analysis, statistical inference.
  • Algebra and Geometry
    • Algebraic geometry of projective space and low dimensional topology.
  • Partial differential equations analysis
    • Non linear partial differential equations and optimization.
  • Analysis and Numerical Simulation
    • Fluid mechanics, porous media, waves and turbulence,
    • Discretization methods for partial differential equations,
    • Approximation, moving mesh, High Performance


Areas of Expertise

  • Petroleum engineering and reservoir simulation
  • Aerothermodynamics (combustion and cooling)
  • Hydrodynamics and pollutant transportation
  • Reliability and safety in industry
  • Sampling design and quality control
  • Data analysis and statistical methods for decision making
  • Environment and biology