Scientific Challenges

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Laboratory of Mathematics and its Applications of PAU (LMAP)
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Scientific ChallengesEnergy and the Environment

The objective of the exploratory projects is to allow the emergence of innovative subjects and to reduce technological barriers, in the fields of the environment, energy and associated societal issues (E2S UPPA project).

Teams of 3 to 4 scientists are invited to propose innovative research, new or disruptive topics, to reduce identified barriers, but also to promote interdisciplinarity and dissemination of information.

    • ASTURIES - Agile Simulation of TURbulent IntErnal flowS

      In the context of internal turbulent flows, relevant to aeronautic and the automotive propulsion and energy production sectors, ASTURIES aims at developing an innovative Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methodology.

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    • BigCEES - Using Big Data to Model the Impact of Climate ChangeBig model and Big data in Computational Ecology and Environmental Sciences

      This project puts forward innovative and novel methodology to develop tools that will overcome the big data challenge in Ecology and Environmental Sciences and thus reveal nature’s secrets, currently hidden in big data.

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    • CHICkPEA, to Improve Seismic ImagingCHaracterIzation of Conducting Poro-elastic media using Experimental and advanced numerical methods

      The project brings together mathematicians and geophysicists around the same question: can we improve the characterization of porous conductive media by taking into account seismic effects? The objective is to improve seismic imaging.

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    • RODAM - Robust Optimal Design under Additive Manufacturing constraints

      The RODAM project aims, with the partnership of Safran Helicopter Engines, to develop new algorithms for optimal design, robust and adapted to the constraints of metal printing, with the objective of producing lighter mechanical parts.

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Seed Funding Projects

The Seed Funding call for projects aims to promote emerging partnerships within the E2S UPPA consortium by supporting projects of intermediate scale (typically doctoral or post-doctoral projects) in order to encourage initiative, risk-taking and innovation.

Disruptive topics and new partnerships are thus targeted, over a short period of time, in order to boost partnership research.